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Check out my new projects here!

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Eve Theatre Louisville to coproduce and costar in Mrs. Cage by Nancy Barr!  It's a funny and tragic tale of a woman revealing her life and struggles during an unusual police interrogation.  It will be available for Video on Demand starting Nov. 12th and tickets will be available until Nov. 22nd.  Get your tickets now:


Photo of the cast of The Winter's Tale  backstage!

Check out this review of The Winter's Tale! 

"Overall, the acting in this production was excellent...The men, led by Matthew Dalton Lynch as Polixenes, the King of Bohemia and Dexter Hamlett as Leontes, the King of Sicilia are strong actors who play multiple roles with ease."

                                                          - Andrea Abramson, DC Metro


I just booked the role of Polixenes, King of Bohemia in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale at Annapolis Shakespeare Company! We will perform in the historic Charles Carrol House gardens in July of 2019.

Goodbye New York, hello, Maryland!

Just booked and finished shooting a supporting role in a new short film entitled Paraagan (Pollination)! I play Mr. Tatum - a guy who needs his car from the shop and is willing to fight to get it back...

On set photos below. (May 4th, 2019)


So pumped up to announce that I'm joining the cast of Roger Q. Mason's new workshop in progress Pleasure Men! It is being produced by Hook&Eye Theater Company and performing at the newly renovated Flea Theatre! I'll be playing Madame Red Hook - a somewhat proficient crossdresser in the 1920's who gets a chance to make it big on Broadway in Mae West's original play called "Pleasure Man."  However, things do not go as planned...


Check out details and photos below:


"LOOK OUT! WE’RE INVADING. Joined by our inaugural Spoolers, Eliza and Roger, our crews combined are landing at The Flea with three outrageous new ideas to share. Queer Black/Filipinx writer Roger Q. Mason delivers material from a new work in progress - a performance about 1920s female impersonators inspired by a censored Mae West play. Eliza Bent leads a cast who tell a tale of the MTA's wayward past and perhaps glorious future in the form of a subway ride. Hook & Eye offers an early look at an original play about a narcissistic soldier from the Gulf War - a play about identity, responsibility, and community.  Each night, all three shows punctuated with out-of-this-world cosmic refreshments."

Photos: May 3rd, 2019


I booked a supporting role in an episode of the second season of the successful YouTube show called Twinking!



I play a rapist... not my first time.

Photo: March 9th 2019


I am so excited to announce that I have booked a supporting role in a new web series called Aromatherapy ER.  I'll playing Rowan, an avid practitioner of aromatherapy and holistic wellness. He believes in communing with the Earth with the aid of mind-bending substances; he is also a paranoid conspiracy theorist and is vehemently anti-establishment.

Photo: Feb. 22nd 2019


On set selfie of Aromatherapy ER

Check out this clip of the review of the play The Glen and click below for the full article.   Get your tickets now from the link below!

The cheery and personable Matthew Dalton Lynch is admirably Herculean with his absorbing portrayal of Dale. Mr. Lynch is intertwined in virtually every moment of the play and his breezy stamina holds it all together.​

                                                      Darryl Reilly - 

A few stills from The Glen:

Photos: Feb. 2019


Get your tickets to The Glen now - hope to see you there!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been cast as the LEAD in a new American play called The Glen by Peter B. Hodges!  We perform in early 2019... Stay tuned for details and more information!


A photo from the first read thru!

I am excited to announce that I booked a principle role in an episode of Diabolical!  I had a fantastic time on set and can't wait to book more TV spots.  It will be airing in early 2019 - stay tuned for more info!


I'm happy to announce that I booked the lead role in a new play All Because of... Infidelity!  We perform in October of this year!  Looking forward to working with such a dedicated and talented cast and crew!


Check out these reviews from my show The Shakespeare Conspiracy:

Matthew Dalton Lynch showed the tragedy to love Marlowe and keep his cool while putting off his scheming relative played to steely perfection by Jevon Nicholson.         

                                            -Eva Heinemann, High Drama 

"The clever and most entertaining production reveals superb direction and adroit acting by the ensemble.

We believe the loving relationship between Walsingham and Marlowe precisely because of the steely, then broken-hearted Lynch and sensitive, impassioned d’Amato."

                                           - Carole di Tosti, Theatre Pizzazz

The regal Matthew Dalton Lynch is authoritative, passionate and engaging as Sir Thomas.

                                             -Darryl Reilly,

Take a look at some promotional photos of The Shakespeare Conspiracy!

The Shakespeare Conspiracy_publicity_all
The Shakespeare Conspiracy_publicity_all
The Shakespeare Conspiracy_publicity_all

I am excited to announce that I am producing and acting in the New York premiere production of The Shakespeare Conspiracy! It is being presented alongside Marlowe's Fate as part of BATTLE OF THE BARDS: THE CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE FESTIVAL. Please come see us if you are in the city.  Click the poster below for a direct link to ticketing information. 

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